Weedland Instant Streaming Pilot


WEEDLAND, The very name conjures up the marijuana underbelly of Los Angeles, where pot was prolific even before it was legal. Our story comes from 6 months of undercover experience in this strange new world of legal marijuana delivery; it’s exciting, unknown, this world looks straight - and acts crazy. Every day a stream of get-rich-quick hopefuls are throwing their money into it. A modern day gold rush. Difference is, the legality of what we speak of is very grey.


Under the guise of legitimate business, employers steal from employees. The government steals from the industry. And this industry is growing, but its biggest enemy is itself.


What else happens? Rampant sexism. Immigrant manipulation. Trade issues. Turf wars. And we’re just getting started.


This is LA today. This is Weedland.




S1 E1: Kushlife LLC

"Partner's Meeting"

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Weedland TV Pilot Netflix Amazon Sassy Mohen Weedland TV Pilot Netflix Amazon Sassy Mohen